Mindfulness AND MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING at Barnston since 2014

F2 - Y2 Chrysalis Yoga Teaches children to relax and to continue to use techniques in life situations.

Y3 - Y4 Military Style Education (MSE) bringing bush craft, mindfulness activities to focus the mind on nature.

Y5 - Y6 Thumbs Up mindfulness to promote resilience when moving on.

Seasons of Growth since 2011 - This is a group run over 10 sessions, twice a year for pupils who have experienced any kind of loss e.g. bereavement, parental splits, LAC or any physical loss such as hearing (parental consent is sought for this group).

2017 Growth Mindset was introduced into the school, encouraging resilience and a positive outlook of self.

In addition, in 2018, two Teaching Assistants and the Headteacher trained in Mental Health First Aid. The headteacher also attended a 2 day course on ‘Leading a Mentally Healthy School’ in the summer of 2019. September 2019 onward the two TAs have attended 5 training sessions with Wirral Safeguarding Partnership on practical activities suitable for children’s well-being in small group activity - one of the TAs had CAMHs training in 2017 and has been praised by CAMHs for her work with pupils.

INSET December 2019 is mental health and well-being training to aid staff and pupils.

October 2019 China Box introduced in F2 and KS1 which provides daily Tai Chi sessions so that the children learn how to relax.