Parent Council

Barnston Primary has its own Parent Council which gives parents a voice to contribute to making improvements and enabling and supporting the school to move forward. The Council consists of a Chair, Secretary and members each representing pre-school and the 7 age groups – it has an agreed constitution and meetings are run with an agreed agenda with matters for discussion put forward through the representatives before each meeting. An Annual General Meeting is held each September, where any parent is able to attend and the Chair is nominated and voted in to post (the Chair must be a present parent at the school). A sealed box for anonymous or named ideas has been placed in the foyer by the Parent Council and questionnaires are sent out to year 6 parents at the end of their time at Barnston to gain honest opinions from parents.

The parent council has successfully negotiated changes such as dates being made available in as many different media as possible, ‘top tips’ to parents in each year group at the start of each academic year, transition meetings led by the staff to answer any parent queries to make as much information as possible available at the start of the year and other improved links of communication with school. The Parent Council is working to benefit all children in the school and is not a body for individual parent grievances - these should be taken up with teachers, Senior Management or the Deputy and Headteacher.