South Deeside Primary Schools Federation

Barnston Primary School is proud to be part of a Soft Federation, consisting of a total of 6 Primary Schools.

The six schools are:

Barnston Primary School

Gayton Primary School

Heswall Primary School

Irby Primary School

Pensby Primary School

Thingwall Primary School

Together we are the ‘South Deeside Primary Schools Federation’ (SDPSF).

Our schools operate individually within the SDPSF, with each having a governing body and strong leadership teams. This enables us to address our communities needs individually and retain our strong school identities. The Federation adds to this by allowing us to work very closely together to ensure that expertise, initiative and experiences are shared to benefit every child in the 6 schools. This special relationship is nurtured and developed through staff, pupils and governors meeting together and working together regularly.

Staff meet to share ideas, share expertise, train each other, and check standards across our schools. This sharing of skills and knowledge from our highly effective staff teams, ensures all pupils and staff receive the very best teaching and learning that is constantly refreshed and updated. This is then delivered to our pupils. Our administration teams also meet, to share their knowledge and work towards the most effective shared practices for customer service and purchasing.

The Chairs of each governing body in the schools, meet termly with the Headteachers. They have developed a detailed strategic plan for SDPSF. This plan ensures that all 6 schools contribute their best to the Federation and that value for money for all our schools in pursued.

Our Federation offers a range of teacher training programmes in conjunction with local Universities, which produce quality teaching staff for the future. Out training programmes are highly effective and many of our newly trained teachers gain positions in Wirral schools or our Federation schools.

Above all, our schools work together with a shared view of providing the best for all our children. We are committed to be in the Federation with each other and determined that our highly successful partnership will go from strength to strength.  We have a highly successful and effective Federation that enables the best opportunities for our pupils, staff, governors and families.