Sports Provision

At Barnston Primary we have excellent sports provision and facilities, with each child accessing 2 hours dedicated sports time, alongside a week block of swimming every year for Y3-6. We have bought into the Local Authority Scheme of work that is tailored to the New National Curriculum, complete with assessments. This covers all PE and dance lessons, half a term per subject, per term, in every year group and also includes PE/dance experts coaching the teachers to provide practical and up-to-date training. In addition, we employ two other Sports Specialist Providers to cover the hour of games each week in every class - 1 provider for Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2. All of this ensures that any improvements we make through our use of Pupil Premium spending and through our strong assessment and commitment to Specialist Sports Providers are sustainable. Furthermore, staff receiving top class training from the Sports Provider also ensures this sustainability.

The children are taught progressive skills and differentiation takes place in lessons to enable children to make progress at their level. The teachers are coached during these sessions and the Providers sometime provide additional training in staff meetings, demonstrating with groups of children after school, with parental permission. Assessments are made at the end of every term and lesson plans are quality controlled by the provider managers, the PE subject leader and the Headteacher. All the provision is monitored to make sure that the standard is high and that all children are receiving good to outstanding lessons in PE/dance and games.

Barnston also has a number of high quality sports clubs that are extra-curricular or at lunchtime, with competitions organised across schools in football, cross-country running and swimming. Our Gifted and Talented pupils are well provided for in lessons, or in regular extra activity during the school day. In addition, we organise a Health Promoting and Sporting sleepover for Y3 and residential trips for Y4 and Y6. Furthermore, throughout the school year we have 6 competitive sporting events which the whole school access, with the last one attended by parents.

78% of our Y6 pupils in 2018/19 can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres, the other 22% being able to swim 15 metres varying the strokes. 100% can use a range of strokes effectively and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations. We are proud of the fact that at Barnston swimming is delivered Y3-6 and the pupils are able to build on skills in previous years.