Parent association 

This is an invaluable group of parents drawn from all areas of the school who get together to fund raise through holding events in school grounds (and have fun by the way).

Over the years they have provided the “icing” on the cake, contributing to the ball park, covered play areas, playground floor coverings, playground equipment, visiting actors, out-of-school activities, a television set, computer software, tape recording equipment, stereo equipment and speakers, numerous competition prizes - the list is endless and the need never-ending!

The main beneficiaries are the children. It is a tremendous resource for the school and it is your free-entry entitlement. Please give it your support and ensure that the Parents Association continues to be a major contributing factor in the achievements of the school.

Watch out for the PA AGM and forthcoming calendar of events. Newsletters are published regularly (look for orange sheets at the bottom of the school bag!)

Should you wish to find out more, details are available from the school office.