Uniform Policy





Boys wear any colour coat, tie, grey trousers, white shirt, black pullover and grey socks where short trousers are worn. In the summer, boys wear white polo shirts and grey trousers.


Girls wear any colour coat coat, tie, grey skirt, pinafore dress or black trousers, white blouse, black cardigan or sweater, white or grey socks. Headbands and ribbons etc should be in school colours i.e. black, white, yellow or gold. In summer the girls wear simple yellow dresses of either 1/4 inch gingham or stripes and a white cardigan or, in Year 6, grey skirt and white polo shirts are an option. Black or white shoes/sandals may be worn with the summer dress.

Summer uniform doesn’t start at any set time; parents can choose to change to summer uniform as soon as the weather starts to improve, as some years this is before Easter. Likewise in September if the weather is still very good, summer uniform can be worn until the weather becomes cooler (October half term is the cut off here).

Children are encouraged to wear yellow sunhats, sunglasses and sunscreen in the summer months.

Children should also be provided with a pair of black or white pumps, black/white shorts and white T-shirt (available for purchase from the Parents' Association), kept in a named draw-string bag. Middle and Upper Primary pupils require games clothes (joggers for outside games).

All articles of clothing should be clearly marked with the owner's name.

Children should be discouraged from wearing earrings that could “catch” either during playtime or on PE equipment and should be covered or taken out during PE sessions.

Children should also be discouraged from adopting unusual hairstyles such as shaved, streaked or tinted hair.

Please do not let your child deviate from this set uniform, as they will be questioned about it by the headteacher/ teaching staff. If, however, the uniform is making a child feel uncomfortable for any reason, then please let us know.

All items of school uniform can be purchased from our well-stocked school office (kindly supplied by Wirral Sports with all profits donated to school) or various local retailers, such as Cains of Heswall and branches of Marks and Spencer, etc.